Scholarship Application

To be considered, the completed application must include:

  • A written statement by the applicant of their intent of earning an IREM® credential (ARM®, ACoM®, CPM®), The written statement should also express an Interest in and a commitment to real estate management as a career, and accomplishments of the applicant that support such commitment. If the applicant is a member of an under represented population group, the population In the area where the applicant lives or works should be described.

  • Current resume.

  • Letter of support from the local IREM Chapter president or designated officer. (to find Contact information for local IREM Chapters, visit

All of the information provided herein by me is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief. If I made, or at anytime make any statement with knowledge of its falsity, I understand that it shall be cause for denial of an IREM® Chapter 85 Scholarship.

  I agree to the terms and conditions

Employer-Provided Educational Assistance

Receiving educational assistance will not preclude any applicant from consideration.